/installation artist


Dalmau's surrealism grew not only on his canvases but by transforming itself to display in a totally surrealistic environment, underwater.
Dalmau is the creator of the world's first underwater art gallery, Dalmau's ARTificial Reef.


This truly surrealistic endeavor was immediately recognized as a work of art, not only for it's artistic value but for it's contribution to the environment.  
This beautifully massive combination of paintings and sculpture would also serve as an artificial reef, enhancing the quality of the water as well as becoming a thriving marine community. 


Scuba divers and art enthusiasts were given a surrealistic playground as well as an environmental fantasy, the merger of art and nature. "I created artwork which is what I do, now in it's new home another artist, nature, will collaborate in the metamorphosis of this ongoing exhibit. The colors and texture will come alive as corals, algae and filter feeders grow on the original work."  (Louis Dalmau)

An artist's dream, his brush and nature worked together to give us an underwater Art Gallery. Thirty-five tons of rough, culvert pipes were turned into the artist's canvas creating an artistic fantasy under the water's surface along with five concrete sculptured ballerinas that will swim throughout time.