/installation artist

Miami’s Exposé  to date is the largest art installation in the history of  Biscayne Boulevard transforming 5 blocks of the historic MiMo District into a 24-hour, seven days a week art gallery.

Miami’s Exposé was a portrait of Miami consisting of the many facial expressions that make-up the citizens of this multi-facet, multi-cultural city. or, as Dalmau refers to it, “the true core of this city, its people.” In order to achieve his goal, Dalmau needed the assistance of  the residents of Miami and its surrounding communities.


Miami’s Exposé consisted of a multitude of facial expressions from folks from all walks of life that were digitally enhanced and transformed into an artistic interpretation giving this piece its depth and character.

Dalmau first captured their likeness and then digitally enhance the images by adding a substantial amount of texture and color. To this now transformed image, he  also added a distinct intertwinement effect which Dalmau claims is indicative of how different people can come together and become one.

With the full support and encouragement of the MiMo Biscayne Association, the showing for this first of its kind art project was held on Biscayne Boulevard between 69th and 73rd Streets during the Art Basel™ events.


Sixteen double-sided canvases with over 200 portraits showcasing the facial expressions of its participants adorned the Boulevard bringing to life the artist’s creation.