/digital art

The computer craze gave birth to dozens of new successions and periods in Dalmau's work. His work continued displaying in galleries and in demand.

However a new era was coming about in the art world, one mixed with technology. New and sophisticated creations were  making an  induction. A bizarre and scary form of art became visible, one called digital.

Louis found this concept not only insulting but frightening, a machine was replacing the brush and the canvas had transformed into a screen. After months of denial that this artistic movement was real, Louis surrendered and bought his first electronic art materials, a computer and art software.


Experimenting with these amazing tools opened the doors to a whole new world.

Skepticism soon became a belief that nothing could stand in the way of the imagination.
Louis an art teacher at the time found himself back in the classroom re-learning technique
through technology.

Hundreds of works were conceived during this transition.


Dalmau was now obsessed with the merger of art and technology.

This passion hungered to learn more and more making Louis proficient in the leading software available to create artwork for print and the web.


During this period Dalmau's work was also honored by Pope John Paul who bestowed the Apostolic Blessing upon Louis for his contribution to Christian art  which houses at Vatican City.


Corel also privileged Louis with an honorable mention in their world wide competition.