/black and white digital art

Dalmau has traveled and lived in many a diverse  part of the world. But he found his true love to be a quaint hidden gem in the center of Mexico.

This haven of the arts  is a true and world acknowledged Art Colony.  Adorned richly with a culmination of Baroque, Gothic, and other traits of rich Spaniard architecture.

The town's cultural, and cosmopolitan nature has taken on a Bohemian aura thus becoming a magnet to dazzling expats and artists of any conceivable genre . 

Dalmau is one of those that was overwhelmed with the folklore the vivid colors, the artisans, and a pop culture occurring within a city filled with antiquity.  

Artists are usually mesmerized by their surroundings consequently sending them into a whirlwind of creativity and a dire need to share  their newly found passion.


Louis a surrealist, found himself in such a surreal setting that he had to take his time and sort his thoughts.


Overtaken by the vast amount of culture and color, Dalmau decided to omit the color, and portray his thoughts in plain Black and White as not to detract from the story his new pieces would depict of these eclectic elements.